Žižkover TV Tower – TOWER PARK PRAHA

The TOWER PARK PRAHA is very close to the centre of Prague and it is home to the largest building in Prague, the Žižkover TV Tower.

Žižkover TV Tower - TOWER PARK PRAHAThe Television Tower was brought into existence according to the designs of Dipl. Ing. Václav Aulický and Dr. Ing. Jiří Kozákentstand between1985 and 1992.
It received mixed reviews at first because of its controversial architecture that did not seem to fit into the historical surroundings of Prague. Today it is a highlight for visitors of Prague.

The tower is 216 m high. An observatory with space for about 300 people is located 93m above the ground. In addition, the tower offers a ONE ROOM HOTEL at a height of 70m and a restaurant for 180 persons at a height of 66m.

Technically, there is no tower that is so unique. A special pendulum in the tower counteracts the motions tall structures like that have to endure. Three 134 meter high concrete pillars covered with steel sleeves carry 3 cabins, the restaurant at 66 m height, the viewing platform at 93m height and the highest cabin for the broadcasting equipment. The widest column has a diameter of over 6 meters and it supports the antenna on its top. There are also elevators for the visitors. The two other pillars are slightly thinner and contain the cargo lift and the staircase for emergencies.

The babies were placed on the steel sleeves of the television tower in 2000. 10 giant babies are crawling up and down the tower. The Czech artist David Černý designed them for a temporary art installation. However, as they became hugely popular they were permanently attached to the Tower.

Žižkover TV Tower - TOWER PARK PRAHA   Žižkover TV Tower - TOWER PARK PRAHA

The observatory in Žižkover TV tower

From 2011 to 2012 the interiors of the television tower were completely renovated. A new observatory is now open to the public. A 360 ° panoramic view can be enjoyed at almost any time of the day. Especially popular are the evening hours as the view you get over Prague at this time is simply incredible.

Žižkover TV Tower - TOWER PARK PRAHA

You can discover Prague from the 3 different cabins. Informative clips, monitors with explanations of the cityscape and cosy armchairs invite to stay a while.

Žižkover TV Tower - TOWER PARK PRAHA

The visit is worth it!

Opening hours:

daily 8 – 24

Ticket prices:

Adults: 180 CZK
Children 3- 14 years: 100CZK
Children under 3 years: free of charge
Senior citizens: 120 CZK
Families (1-2 adults + 1-3 children up to 14 years): 420 CZK

The price does not include restaurant services.


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