A walk through Amsterdam

Anyone who walks through a city with open eyes will discover some interesting things. We have compiled impressions from Amsterdam for you.

Blick zur Magere Brug  Magere Brug

The Magere Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in Amsterdam. The drawbridge was built in 1871 and is essentially mostly a replica of the old bridge of 1670. About every 20 min, the bridge guard closes the passage and boats can pass through. Afterwards, the guide rides his bicycle to the next bridge to repeat the process.

Brückenblick   Bruecken in Amsterdam   Blick von einer Bruecke

There are so many different bridges in Amsterdam. Sometimes you have to plan your way very precisely so that you don’t miss your spot to cross the many canals in the right places, otherwise you can end up with big detours.

Kaeseladen   Veniamin Kraskov / Shutterstock.com Amsterdam

Of course, The Netherlands also mean cheese. If you have time, you should go to one of the typical cheese shops. It is a satisfying treat for the nose and the taste buds.

Pfeifenladen   Flaschenladen

Who takes a closer look might discover various curious shops. We have taken some pictures of some unusual shop window displays, which don’t always give away the exact business of the shop at first sight. But do not just look down when window shopping! Also a look up is worthwhile. Many of the houses have beautiful facades with small details which tell a lot of stories about the history of the city.

Straßenimpression   trad Haeuser   schoene Haeuser

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