Canals in Amsterdam

Besides many beautiful buildings, Amsterdam is famous for its canals. Whether by boat or walking past the canals in Amsterdam, exploring them is worthwhile since there is plenty to discover..

“Gracht” means as much as a canal or a moat, connecting narrow, often artificial waterways. Particularly well-known are the canals in Amsterdam. The entire inner city area is crossed by canals, which in turn are spanned by many bridges.

Grachten in Amsterdam

Particularly beautiful are the Herengracht, the Keizersgracht and the Prinsengracht. This is also where most of the canal tours start.

We have discovered some beautiful houseboats in the canals of Amsterdam. For a long time, a houseboat was a cheap alternative to an apartment in Amsterdam. Nowadays, the prices for the boats are often as high as for apartments, but the inhabitants of the waterways of Amsterdam value their lifestyle. The initial idea of having a ​​mobile living space is hardly possible in today’s Amsterdam, though.

Grachten in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is also a city of bicycles. Apparently, these are often not secured well enough when parked on the side of the canals. On our round trip, we discovered a boat that was fishing bicycles out of the canals. And it was loaded to the brim with them!

Grachten in Amsterdam

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