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A walk through London

Walk through London

LondonA walk through London Here we go, on our last day in the city, we took another lovely walk to the famous landmarks. We started in light rain but the sun came out later. Oh yes, this oh so very British weather!   Our first stop was the Wellington Arch. Access to the viewing platform…

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Tower Bridge, the most famous bridge across the Thames

Tower Bridge

LondonTower Bridge, the most famous bridge across the Thames The Tower Bridge is one of the bridges that cross the river Thames in London. It got its name from the Tower of London, which is in close proximity to the bridge. The Tower Bridge used to be the only bridge crossing the Thames in London.…

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Windsor Castle – the Royal Castle

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is in Windsor, around 25 km from London. The river Thames flows towards London beneath the castle. Windsor Castle is the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world. Together with Buckingham Palace in London and Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, it counts as one of the main residences of the British Royals. The…

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India in Brighton?

Royal Pavilion

BrightonIndia in Brighton? Walking towards the Royal Pavilion one could really think that it is in India. Only the distinctly English looking houses prove that we did not get lost and ended up in India – we’re still in Brighton. George IV of the United Kingdom had the Pavilion commissioned during his time as Prince…

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