Walk along the hotel mile

There is not much to see in Lara. Only if one fancies a stroll through several shopping malls. A main road leads past many large hotels, behind that there are some houses and behind those: nothing.

hotel mile Lara   hotel mile Lara Antaly Lara

We decided to walk down that main road on 2 days during our stay. We started with the road and then came back via the beach side to have a look at the various themed hotels. Some of the hotels were still in off season hibernation and got vigorously renovated and cleaned. Some new hotels are built at the moment and construction work was going at full steam. Many of the facilities were open, but in February, of course, not fully booked. But all of them had one thing in common: they are huge!

We started our tour at the town entrance and we will show some pictures of the hotels that we liked best.
Almost at the entrance of Lara, you find the Hotel Delphin Imperial. This 5-star hotel has 650 rooms and a direct beach access. Especially in the dark, the roof of this hotel is beautifully lit in various colours.

Delphin Imperial hotel mile Lara   Delphin Imperial hotel mile Lara

Right next to the hotel is the Delphin Palace. This house has 5 stars, too and offers an All Inclusive program for the guests of the 557 rooms. The hotel is particularly noticeable due to its vibrant colours and its visibility on the beach from afar.

Delphin Palace hotel mile Lara   Delphin Palace hotel mile Lara

A special themed hotel is the Hotel Concorde De Luxe Resort. Looking at it from above, it looks like the legendary Concorde plane. The entrance of the hotel is thematically designed. I find that especially the top floor looks a lot like the aircraft construction. The travellers in the 401 rooms also enjoy 5-star comfort.

Eingang Hotel Concord hotel mile Lara   Hotel Concorde De Luxe Resort hotel mile Lara

The next hotel on the street is the Hotel Limak Lara De Luxe. We stayed in this hotel and I will describe it in a detailed article. This is a 5 star hotel with 446 rooms.

Limak Lara De Luxe hotel mile Lara

A little further down the street is a real eye-catcher in the long row of hotels. The Hotel Royal Holiday Palace has 606 rooms and looks almost like a fairy tale castle. The five-star hotel looks like the enchanted castle that promises a fairytale holiday.

Hotel Royal Holiday Palace hotel mile Lara   Royal Holiday Palace hotel mile Lara

There are so many hotels close to the beach in Lara. At present (Feb. 2016), some of the unused land is currently prepared for new hotel buildings and facilities. We noticed that many hotels have their own water parks with many slides. In our neighbouring hotel, Sherwood Breeze Resort, 4 new slides were built during our holiday. The beach sections of the hotels are different in size and in some areas you rather find rocky than sandy beaches, but they all offer access to the ocean. We took a panorama picture of some of the hotels, taken at the beach.

hotel mile Lara Panorama

Further down the main road (about 3-4 km) is Kundu. This is where the most famous themed hotels of the region are. Unfortunately, these facilities are not accessible from the beach. The whole beach section is fenced off. From the street, one cannot see much because of high walls. Shame!

Hotel Venezia Palace Deluxe

Venezia hotel mile Lara

Hotel WOW Kremlin Palace

Hotel Kremlin hotel mile Lara

hotel mile Lara: Hotel WOW Topkapi Palace

Topkapi hotel mile Lara

Mardan Palace

hotel mile Lara Mardan Palace

The walk along the hotel mile of Lara really impressed me. Humongous, interestingly built and very varied.

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