A package holiday to Majorca brought us to Cala Ratjada where we stayed at the Hotel Bella Playa & SPA. We passed on our requirements for the holiday to our tried and tested travel agency and they found something that sounded like it could match what we were looking for.

Bella Playa

Our requirements were:

  • Free WIFI everywhere in the hotel
  • 1 double room and 1 single room
  • Pool
  • Beach within walking distance, as close as possible
  • Quiet, not a party hotel

The Hotel Bella Playa & SPA checked all of our boxes.

Bella Playa
Bella Playa

We really liked the pool area of the hotel. There were plenty of deck chairs available so that we were always able to find a spot in the shade.

The walk from our hotel to the beach took us about three minutes. We walked there in the afternoons, but only for swimming. The beach was always really busy so that we didn’t fancy lying down there. But the beach was very clean, and many kids played in the sand.

The rooms at Bella Playa

We booked one double and one single room. Very nice; the two rooms were on the same floor and next to each other.

Bella Playa
Majorca Bella Playa

We entered the single room first. The room was quite small and had just about enough space for the bed and the desk. The wardrobe was placed directly next to the bathroom, close to the door. The furniture was simple but functional, the room was clean and tidy throughout our stay. We were a little surprised by the bathroom with the bathtub which made us feel like we travelled back in time a few years. The tiles were a nice brown colour. A modern bathroom certainly looks a little different. But the bathroom was clean, too, despite its age (or was the brown a design choice?). The single room had a little balcony. Unfortunately, it faced the hotel next to us where a party went down almost every night.

Bella Playa
Bella Playa Majorca

The design of the double room was similar to the single room. The bathroom tiles were a little retro, too. It has been a while since I have seen an old-fashioned floral design like this. The furniture in this room was also simple and functional. The two single beds that were placed next to each other were quite firm. The balcony faced the main road but also had an ocean view. It got quite noisy during the night, but we were still able to sleep with the door open (the aircon was broken).

According to online reviews, some of the rooms were recently redecorated.

The food

In terms of food, almost everything comes down to personal taste. I can only write about our personal experience, but other guests will probably have different opinions.

The hotel only offers half board. This was sufficient for our needs and the meal times were also convenient. The big sun deck in front of the restaurant was lovely, we had almost all of our meals out there. Unfortunately, smoking is permitted out there. I have never seen so many smokers during my last few trips. It was not possible to eat out here without being surrounded by smoke. Smoking was not permitted in the main guest room of the restaurant.

Majorca Bella Playa

The breakfast was reasonably good. There was a lot of fresh fruit, cereals, yoghurt, sweets, fresh omelettes, pancakes, jam, honey and chocolate spread. The selection of cheeses and cold meat was rather small. Especially the ham that was available daily is nothing I see as part of a breakfast buffet. The selection of bread was sufficient, but the bread rolls looked like they were cooked from frozen rather than fresh. The chilled orange juice was pleasant and a good alternative to the coffee, that resembled stained water with a hint of the taste of coffee.
We never left hungry and we were always able to find something that made the start of the day a little easier.

At dinner, every family member was able to find something to their taste every evening. Sure, there was also always something that we didn’t like, but what we had was of good quality. We were left wishing for a little more Spanish cuisine, though. The prices for the drinks were reasonable.

There might have been things we were not entirely happy with, but the hotel was still a good choice. Should we ever travel to Cala Ratjada again, we would also book the Hotel Bella Playa & SPA again.


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