Cheap food in Prague - our discoveries

Restaurants of all price categories populate the streets of Prague. But with some research, you can eat well at reasonable prices.

If you ever organised a night out for a larger group, you know the struggle of spontaneously finding a dinner table. Everything needs to be booked in advance. But how reliable are the picture on the internet or the rating pages? Taste, as we all know, is very different. But since there was not much else I could do, I decided to chance it on my quest for good and cheap restaurants for 11 people in Prague.

Restaurace U Glaubiců – touristy but ok prices

The Restaurace U Glaubiců is situated below the Prague Castle, right in the middle of the tourist area. That fit very well into our sightseeing program of the day, so I booked a table in advance via email. Unfortunately, it is not a non-smoking restaurant, but when we passed it a few hours before our booking, I briefly asked in the restaurant to be seated in a non-smoking area. That actually worked quite well; we were brought down to a vault where smoking was not allowed. Unfortunately, we shared the room with other groups, who, of course, wanted to chat just as much as we did and so it became quite noisy.

Cheap food in Prague
Cheap food in Prague
Cheap food in Prague

The service was friendly and really fast. It became clear that many guests come and go throughout a day, and so service needs to be quick. The food selection covered savoury and vegetarian but was rather heavy on the meats. Various beers were offered.

Our food was served quickly, but vast differences in quality occurred within the group. For example, out of three ordered portions of Spaetzle, only 2 were warm and the meat in some dishes was somewhat chewy. On the whole, however, the taste was good and so was the beer.

The restaurant is big, food is served in large quantities. This is certainly not in favour of consistent quality. Considering the location of the restaurant, the prices for the dishes were quite okay.
I enjoyed my food anyway.


Restaurace U Glaubiců
Malostranské náměstí 266/5
118 00 Praha 1
Tel.: +420 257 532 027

Cheap food in Prague

Švejk Restaurant U Karla - cheap food in Prague

Booking a table in advance by email was no problem for the restaurant U Karla. It is a non-smoking restaurant!

As we were looking for the restaurant, we walked past it first. The windows were relatively dark and only at a second glance did we realize that this was the restaurant. We were greeted very warmly and guided to our table, a little away from other guests. The waiter spoke German and also the menu was in German, which pleased some participants of our group.

The food selection was very good. From the typical Czech meat dish to the vegetarian dish, everyone from our group found something they fancied. Then came the food and I do not exaggerate when I say the table was almost too small. From burger to 1/4 of a duck, dumplings, baked broccoli and cauldron goulash - we had really ordered everything

Cheap food in Prague
Cheap food in Prague

With it, we ordered delicious dark and light beer. And then it got very quiet at the table. All 11 travellers were enthused, we enjoyed it very much. The meat was very tender and fried to the point, the side dishes brought it home.

The evening was a success, also in terms of prices. Dishes ranged from 7 € to 13 €, the beer cost under 2 €. For my light lager and steak burger with chips, I paid a little over 11 €.

Cheap food in Prague
Cheap food in Prague

The restaurant and the food they offered was a great find and I would certainly go again, even without a larger group.


Švejk Restaurant U Karla
Křemencova 7
Praha 1

Tel: +420 222 515 889
Fax: +420 222 515 889

Cheap food in Prague

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