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Czechoslovak Pavilion of the Expo 1958

What does the Expo / World Exposition of 1958 have to do with Prague? This was our question when we followed the signs for "Expo 1958" in Letná Park.

The Expo 1958 took place from April to October 1958 in the capital of Belgium, in Brussels. It was the first world exhibition to be held after the end of World War II.
Each world exhibition revolves around a certain theme. For this world exhibition, the theme was "Technology at the service of men. Progress of Humanity through Progress of Technology ". The main focus of the exhibition was on space technologies and nuclear power at the time. The Belgian industry used this opportunity to present its efforts, but the Expo was mostly characterised by the rivalry of the Western powers with the Eastern bloc.

Czechoslovak Pavilion of the Expo 1958

Just as in the following years too, different countries had the opportunity to shape the Expo by contributing interesting buildings.
The most excellent building was the Czechoslovak Pavilion. This building was designed by the architects Frantisek Cubr, Josef Hruby and Zdenek Pokorny exclusively for the world exhibition. The L-shaped complex had an extension for restaurants and consisted of three windowless areas, which were connected by two glazed aisles.
When the world exhibition came to an end the building was completely dismantled and then rebuilt at different locations in Prague.
Since 1961 only the former restaurant building still exists, which today is located in Letná Park. It is now used as an office building. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in a fire in 1991, but could be reconstructed again.
Directly in front of the house is a beautiful viewpoint over the river Vltava and the magnificent city of Prague. A walk along the shaded paths of Letná Park begins directly behind the building.


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