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Sweet Prag Trdelnik Streetfood in Prague

Streetfood in Prague

The Czech food is hearty, meaty and really delicious. But you should pay attention when out and about in Prague. Especially the restaurants in the Old Town area often lure tourists in with “cheap” menus, which can quickly become really expensive through hidden costs and extra charges.

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Dorint Hotel Don Giovanni

Prag: Dorint Hotel Don Giovanni

A conference for programmers led us to Prague. We stayed in the Dorint Hotel Don Giovanni. The majority of the participants was accommodated in this hotel, and the available conference rooms were used for the event.t.

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Wenceslas Square

Visit Prague’s Wenceslas Square

Prague’s Wenceslas Square was named after Saint Wenceslas of Bohemia. It is located in the centre of the Prague New Town.

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MOODs boutique hotel

Prag: MOODs boutique hotel

Prague offers a variety of accommodation possibilities. We have spent a long time thinking about where to stay and decided to stay in a quiet but central location in the MOODs boutique hotel.

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Prague Central Station

Prague Central Station – a historic railway station

Those who travel to Prague by train will get off here – Prague Central Station – Praha hlavní nádrazí. It is the largest passenger railway station in the Czech Republic and the most important railway station in Prague.

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metronome in Prag

The metronome in Prague – an unusual work of art

When you are on the bridge “Cechuv most” and peek over the Vltava you can see a huge metronome high up in the Letná Park.

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