Streetfood in Prague

The Czech food is hearty, meaty and really delicious. But you should pay attention when out and about in Prague. Especially the restaurants in the Old Town area often lure tourists in with "cheap" menus, which can quickly become really expensive through hidden costs and extra charges.

We spoke with other travellers, who found the cost of salt, pepper, vinegar and oil on the bill in addition to service charges. When they asked about them, they found these costs printed very small in the menu.

We have had very good experiences in the Jewish quarter. We found great restaurants with reasonable prices down the side streets of that quarter. But especially tasty was the street food in Prague.

Streetfood in Prague

Streetfood in Prague

On the market on the square of the Republic at Palladium, we have eaten the best bratwurst in a long time - a spicy wild boar sausage. Our tip: Enjoy the sausage pure without mustard or ketchup, simply delicious!

Afterwards, we ate ice cream at the Palladium (a huge shopping centre). We found a shop in the food court where ice cream is bought by weight, like in an old candy shop. You serve yourself different flavours of ice cream directly from the machines and then garnish them with different toppings and sauces, and finally, you go pay for your own creations by their weight. An entertaining idea, but without a little discipline said creation can get quite expensive. It's too tempting!

Another delicious, sweet temptation is the Trdelník. This is a traditional pastry that is sold on the streets of Prague. It is baked on sticks and therefore has the form of a roll. While still hot, the pastry is sprinkled with powdered sugar or grated nuts. Afterwards, it is sold in bite sized pieces.

Sweet Prag Trdelnik Streetfood in Prague

This sweet calorie "bomb" has done the trick for us. It was really delicious!

Streetfood in Prague

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