Sweet Prague – on the right track for sweet treats

I am a confessing sweet tooth and I discovered the sweet treats of Prague for me. From chocolate to pastries, everyone finds a reason to sin in Prague!


Trdelník is a traditional pastry from Slovakia. In Prague, you can find the dough rolls at almost every corner. So just sniff and follow the sweet scent.

The yeast dough is rolled on to metal bars. Each bar has a diameter of 6-10 cm. The bars are then placed over an open fire place. The dough is slowly browning over the burning charcoals. The finished pastry is stripped from the bar, coated with some egg white and rolled in sugar or ground nuts. If you do not want to eat the trdelník pure, you can have it filled with caramel, chocolate or vanilla cream, or sprinkled with coconut flakes. There are also versions filled with ice cream or whipped cream.

Sweet Prag Trdelnik Streetfood in Prague

The price per piece is around 60 CZK, depending on the location of the business.

My tip is to eat the trdelník as long as it is still warm. Then it definitely tastes the best!

Sweet Prague

Sweet Prague - Chocolate

I know it sounds crazy. But after I had eaten the Orion chocolate in Bratislava, I was utterly disappointed that this brand is hard to come by in Germany. I was all the more delighted that this chocolate was sold in Prague. So this chocolate is definitely part of my Sweet Prague!

Sweet Prague

And I took some supplies home with me.

The flavours vary with the seasons and the bars are offered in different sizes. The big supermarket at the train station came in handy to exchange the last Czech crowns for some love handle material.


Captain Candy

A shop full of sweets. From gummy bears to marshmallows, the treats are presented on wooden barrels, pirate style. The products are not homemade and there are certainly cheaper sweets to be found in supermarkets, but the presentation of the treats is quite charming. It’s hard to pass this shop and for kids it’s truly an experience.

Sweet Prague
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Melantrichova 1,
110 00 Praha 1-Staré Město

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Sweet Prague

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