It is Sunday at around lunchtime – time to go for a walk – time to go to the visitor’s deck of Tegel Airport. At Tegel Airport guests can observe aeroplanes for hours from the visitor’s deck.

The respective approach lanes have always been amongst our favourite destinations when visiting airports. There is a certain fascination we have with landing or starting planes that zoom past us.

Einflugsschneise Flughafen Tegel
Anflug Flughafen Tegel

We are fortunate to live close to Tegel Airport in Berlin. Far away enough to not have to endure constant noise (even though that depends on the direction of the wind) but close enough to get there reasonably quickly.

One of their approach lanes is over Spandau and Haselhorst. In Tegel Forest (Tegeler Forst) one can position oneself directly beneath the landing planes and watch them descend.

Anflug über die Koepfe
airBerlin landet Flughafen Tegel

The visitor’s deck in Tegel is a true highlight for so-called “planespotters”. They have a great view of the take-off and landing runways from here and can see almost the entire waiting area for the planes.

warten auf dem Rollfeld Flughafen Tegel

Opening Hours:

Summer (April to October):
daily between 9.00 – 18.00 Uhr
Winter (end of October to end of March):
daily between 10:00 and 16:00

The airport shares starting and landing times of planes that don’t often frequent the airport on their facebook page. Sometimes they even offer special opening times for those occurrences!

Tegel Airport Flughafen Tegel

Tickets (2019):

Adults (14 years and older): 3,-€
discounted (students, trainees, pensioners and people with disabilities): 2,-€
Children under 2 years go free

We tried to convert an almost 20-minute long clip into a miniature effect video. It didn’t turn out too shabby for our very first try!


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