Overhead Railway in Dresden

The world’s oldest mountain overhead railway can be found in Dresden. It was opened on the 6th of May 1901 and runs between Loschwitz and Oberloschwitz. The cart climbs the elevation gain of 84 meters in only four minutes and 30 seconds.
The overhead railway in Dresden is a monorail. Technically, the term overhead railway is misleading since the cart has constant contact with the rails, as opposed to a magnetic levitation train. The cart itself cannot move on its own. Like a cable car, it is moved by a pulling rope that is powered by an engine at the summit.

Overhead Railway in Dresden
Overhead Railway in Dresden

The overhead railway luckily made it through WW2 without any damages. Over the last decades, restoration works have been carried out on the summit station and the railway framework. Today, the cart ferries some 300.000 visitors up to the summit station “Schöne Aussicht” (pretty view). Visitors can visit the engine rooms up there.

Overhead Railway in Dresden
Overhead Railway in Dresden

Visitors definitely shouldn’t give the overhead railway a miss.

We are keen on any sort of cable car, levitation trains or overhead railways. The views on the way always make it worthwhile!

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Pillnitzer Landstraße 5,
01326 Dresden

Opening hours:

Summer months (03.04. – 01.11.): 09.00 – 20.00

Admission (in November 2018):

Adults (15 years and older) single ticket: 4,00€

Adults (15 years and older) return ticket: 5,00€

Reduced single ticket: 2,50€

Reduced return ticket: 3,00€

Engine rooms ticket adults: 2,50€

Engine rooms ticket reduced: 1,00€

Family tickets and other combi tickets are also offered.


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