Beer tasting in the North – Flensburg’s beers

A short trip to the north of Germany brought us to Flensburg. Of course, this also had to include a beer tasting to try Flensburg’s beers.

Flensburg’s brewery is not far from the old town. Beers have been brewed here since 1888.

Flensburg brewery

A light pilsner and a dark beer were the first two kinds of beer that were manufactured here. The brewery continued brewing beer even during the Second World War, despite some difficulties. After the war, it was given the status “Official NAAFI Brewery” and was allowed to continue brewing. However, the precious lager was only handed out to members of the allied forces whereas the German people were only given the lesser, light whey beer.

The Brewery expanded their range in 1950: Flensburg Export, Bock Strong beer, Ouick (a fruit juice), Doppelbock and Export Pils. The distribution of the beer was regulated by anti-trust laws. They were allowed to sell their beers from the Danish border to the Kiel Canal, including the North Frisian Islands. Individuals were allowed to bring their own jugs to the brewery and purchase their beer directly but over time this practice was replaced by selling beers in bottles. They used steinie bottles with clip-locks that were sold in wooden boxes of 24 bottles each.

Initiated by Hans Dethleffsen the brewery went through drastic changes in 1974. The company expanded beyond the Kiel Canal and became a well-known brand. The bottle with the clip-locks remained their signature feature. After the release of the “Werner” comic, in which the main character consumes the beer out of the characteristic bottles, the beverage became well known far beyond their previous sales territory and target group.

Flensburg beer – our test

Before our test began we sat out to purchase as many different beers as possible. Fortunately, many shops in Flensburg stock a great variety of beers.

Beer tasting in the North – Flensburg’s beers

And these aren’t even all of the different kinds of beer that are brewed in the Flensburg brewery. But enough for a first test.

My personal favourite was the spring bock beer, pleasantly smooth and light in taste. As a contrast, I tried the dark beer which was a bit too heavy for me.
The wheat beer I didn’t like at all. I know other wheat beers that I, personally, like a lot better.
The Flensburg mixed beer (Radler = beer with lemonade) was really tasty, a fantastic summer drink. I shall go and pick up some bottles of that when I am back home.

Beer tasting in the North – Flensburg’s beers

All in all, we liked it, the Flensburg beer!

If you’d like to learn more about brewing in Flensburg you can join a guided tour through the brewery. Unfortunately, one has to sign up for a tour way in advance which is not really possible during a spontaneous trip to Flensburg. That means that I will have to come back a second time!

Fans of the brand can pick up all sorts of merchandise products in the “Plop-Shop”. Happy shopping!

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Flensburger Brauerei Emil Petersen GmbH & Co KG
Munketoft 12
D-24937 Flensburg

Guided brewery tour:

call to book about four weeks in advance
Monday to Friday between 08.00 and 17.00: 0049 (0) 461863 122
Or send an email to brauereibesuch@flens.de

Opening hours and ticket prices for the brewery tour

Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 14.00, 9.50€ per person
Monday to Friday, 18.00, 12.50€ per person
Saturday, 10.00 (between May and September only) 12.50€ per person


Near the brewery entrance
Opening Hours Monday to Friday
11.00 – 13.00 and 15.00 – 17.00

Flensburg’s beers

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