A different kind of city tour –

sailing boat city tour with Camp 24/7


The last time I sailed was when I was around 12 years old. It was during a summer break with the grandparents on a sailing course on the Lake Constance. When Kiel marketing approached me with the idea to test a sailing boat city tour I was enthused and confirmed immediately.

We thought it might take us quite a bit of time to get to Camp 24/7 on the keel line as the Kiel Run (a city-run) was taking place on that Sunday, so we planned ahead. Normally, there is ample parking space available but because of the run streets were closed all over the area. We made it to our meeting point in time and were fortunate enough to get to listen to a fabulous big band. They played in a pavilion of the camp along the route and were cheering on the runners with their wonderful music.


Camp 24/7 in Kiel

Whilst we were waiting for the other participants we were able to get a good look around the camp and browsed their services.

The camp is a social, public and non-commercial project run by the municipal utilities Kiel, Kiel Marketing and numerous other partners. The aim is to offer different water sports to interested individuals of all ages. Different sports and activities are offered daily during the main season (from May to September). They offer taster sessions for sailing, sailing tours and different free activities like table football and manoeuvring miniature sailing boat models. There is something for everybody in the camp. Prices vary for the different activities, more detailed information can be found on the website of Camp 24/7.

Camp 24/7

During our time at the camp, there were several sailing related activities taking place. There were kids beaming with joy as they celebrated a Vikings themed birthday party, complete with hats and a sailing tour. Families were sailing the Firth with a trainer. Some teenagers who were clearly sailing fans were out in a dinghy. And we got to experience the sailing boat city tour through Kiel.

Camp 24/7 in Kiel

Sailing boat city tour through Kiel

After we had put on our life jackets we walked down the jetty to where Camp 24/7 ‘s boats are.

A different kind of city tour – sailing boat city tour with Camp 24/7

We boarded the 8.5-meter long sailing boat. There is space for a maximum of 14 people on the two-master. On our trip, the foresail and the spanker sail were set. It was quite windy and these two sails were enough. An experienced sailing trainer operated the tiller and a voluntary city guide was stood at the jib to both help 2 participants to operate it and also to show us the city from the water.

small boats in Kiel

I have to admit, as the landlubber that I am, sometimes it was hard for me to listen closely to everything that was said. As soon as the boat tilted a bit to one side – it was the tiniest of tilts compared to other boats mind you – my heart rate went up. There wasn’t even any water spraying into the boat. Thankfully, I calmed down over the two hours that the trip lasted and I was able to enjoy the wind, the waves and the sun.

Kiel sailing

First, we sailed into the Firth. From our boat, we saw the big ferries to Norway and Sweden moored at the quay. Later, one of these massive ferries sailed directly past our tiny dinghy. What a difference in size! Afterwards, we left the Firth in the opposite direction.


We learned a lot about the history of Kiel and about some important buildings close to the banks during our sailing boat city tour. Some of the places we saw were the Olympia Port from 1936, the Kiel Institute for World Economy, the Maritime Museum for Seafaring, the Institute for Marine Research and the shipyard. We had some locals on board our city tour sailing boat who enriched the trip with their local knowledge and some tips that we will definitely try on our next journey to Kiel.

sailing boat city tour

After a good two hours, our trip came to an end. The sailing boat returned to the jetty, we took our life jackets off and went for a cold beer in the sun. An amazing experience that brought me closer to Kiel, the Firth and water sports. To discover a city like that is quite unique and I can really recommend giving it a try.

sailing boat city tour

Information and booking

Camp 24/7

Participation in the sailing boat city tour was part of a cooperation with Kiel-Marketing e.V. and free of charge. This blog post was not influenced by the cooperation and reflects our genuine experience and honest opinion.

A different kind of city tour – sailing boat city tour with Camp 24/7


  1. Carmen Edelson on 2. July 2019 at 20:05

    Wow, this looks like such an adventure! A little out of my comfort zone, but I’d love to sail more. Also, such beautiful surroundings to enjoy!

  2. melody pittman on 29. June 2019 at 6:11

    That looks and sounds like an epic trip and way to see Kiel. Loved the photos. The boats are incredible. I just did my first sailing adventure last month. First time in 50 years. Didn’t know what I had been missing!

  3. Kevin | Caffeinated Excursions on 28. June 2019 at 16:15

    What a fun experience! It looks like you got some great weather and learned the ropes of something you hadn’t done since you were a kid. I would also probably be freaking out about the boat tilting even a little bit! Balance is not one of my strengths! But I’m glad you got the hang of it and improved over the course of the day.

  4. Bernie Jackson on 27. June 2019 at 15:58

    I see what you mean about the comparaitve size of the ships and the boat you sailed! That’s a different angle to see one of those big vessels. I’m deeply envious of your trip as I love all kinds of boats from kayaks to ferries and everything in between. We took our last sailing trip just a couple of days ago and it already seems like way too long since we were at sea. I always think you get a different perspective on places from the water, and this is a great way to see the city. It must be pretty unique too, as most city boat trips are motorised craft rather than sail.

  5. Patricia Pagenel on 27. June 2019 at 11:40

    We visited Kiel when we lived in Germany many years ago but through traditional sightseeing. Visiting the city on a sailing boat is a different experience entirely! We did that in San Francisco on an historical boat, which was a thrilling experience, and similarly, Paris cruises along the Seine River and the Canal St. Martin offer such a different approach to visiting a city. Being on smaller boats really make a different impression, especially compared to much bigger boats.

  6. Susanne Jungbluth on 27. June 2019 at 7:00

    I think sunset sails, but I’m not sure.

  7. Mohana on 27. June 2019 at 4:40

    I have never sailed before but reading your experience does make me wonder how nice it would be to sail around Kiel, preferably with a beer in my hand :) Also, I agree that such a tour would bring in new perspectives to a city which you simply can’t get if you are going by land and not by water. Thank you for sharing :)

  8. The Holidaymaker on 27. June 2019 at 2:02

    On my bucket list is to just be on a sailboat and Kiel and Firth sound wonderful to do that. How brave you are to be next to some of the bigger cruisers, and with that wind. But agree it would be a wonderful idea to see a new city that way and from the sailboat. Did they offer sunrise or sunset sails?

  9. Susanne Jungbluth on 25. June 2019 at 19:29


  10. Susanne Jungbluth on 25. June 2019 at 19:28

    It can be very windy in Kiel. Luckily it’s a bay we sailed in and the waves are not that high there.

  11. Danik on 25. June 2019 at 18:59

    I havent done sailing before (but have been to the lake of constance quite a lot) but Kiel, isn’t it quite windy in that part of Germany for sailing? :D Looks like you had a great adventure and if I was sailing a small boat next to that ferry, I would be scared! :/

  12. Jerry and Fiona on 25. June 2019 at 15:27

    You did quite well for a land lubber – and with a beer at the end of the sail! Not bad….

  13. Cindy on 24. June 2019 at 20:31

    That sounds like a lovely little adventure and a great way to see a different perspective on Kiel and Firth. I can see why you’d feel a bit nervous at first in such a small boat, and you must have felt so tiny compared to the large ferry that went by. This sounds like a good and different thing to do in the area.

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