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Sisis holiday paradise - the Achilleion

The Achilleion is Corfu’s most popular excursion destination. The small castle is situated high above the east coast in the middle of a beautiful garden.

Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sisi) had it built and spent several holidays in the Achilleion in Corfu. Later the German Emperor Wilhelm II bought the castle and spent the Easter period here.


We decided to visit the Achilleion on one of the few rainy days in Corfu. The bus rarely ever drives up the mountain and 2 km uphill in the pouring rain didn’t sound very appealing to us. So we called a taxi that picked us up in front of the hotel and also drove us down again on our way back. But in the end, we were wet nevertheless!

The price per person was 7.- € (adult, stand Oct. 2014).

Hoping the rain would subside, we first had a look around in the museum.

The magnificent staircase was especially impressing. The clever colour design and the sophisticated use of mirrors make it appear huge.
A small curiosity can be found at the desk of Kaiser Wilhelm. His desk chair sways like a rocking chair and the seat has the form of a horse saddle. So as early as 1907, there were back-friendly seating arrangements (like what we use for dynamic office chairs now).


The highlight of the Achilleion is the park-like garden. Despite the constant rain, we walked through the park.

Particularly beautiful are the many fine sculptures, which not only dominate the huge terrace but are also scattered around the garden as eye catchers. Sisi is said to have had a taste for the "dying Achilles", whereas Emperor Wilhlem preferred the "Victorious Achilles."


A really nice place, which is totally worth its entrance fee.


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