Discover Riga – 5 top destinations in the Latvian capital

A fascinating visit to Riga Central Market

Riga Central Market is a must see in Riga. This was one of the rare locations that are used by locals and tourists alike and where we got a better feeling for the Latvian way of life.

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Stalins birthdaycake

Stalin’s Birthday Cake – Academy of Science

You cannot miss it when you are visiting Riga’s Old Town – Stalin’s Birthday Cake. This is what locals call the Latvian Academy of Science.

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Town Musicians of Bremen in Riga

The Town Musicians of Bremen in Riga?

Who doesn’t know the Bremen Town Musicians from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale? But what are they doing in Riga?

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food and drink in Riga

Our recommendations for delicious foods and drinks in Riga

It is a little disappointing to visit the Old Town of Riga and stumble on KFC, McDonald’s, Costa Coffee and all the other chains that one doesn’t really like to go to. Our tourist guide in Riga had a few recommendations for us about where to eat in Riga.

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Hotel Justus

Riga – Hotel Justus

We discovered a lovely hotel for our city trip to Riga. We immediately felt at home in Hotel Justus.

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