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City of Vodka to City of Beers

From City of Vodka to City of Beers? What do you drink in Krakow?

What do you drink in Krakow? Talking to locals one is under the impression that Krakow is indeed a vodka city. But over time, Krakow developed a vibrant beer culture that cannot be ignored. So, is Krakow now a City of Beers?

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Sweet Krakow

Sweet Krakow – We are on to Krakow’s sweet treats

We are on to Krakow’s sweet treats Poland is known for its hearty cuisine. So we followed the traces of the sweeter dishes of Krakow and found a few “sins” we would like to recommend.

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Food Tour Krakow

Free walking tour in Krakow – a food tour

As we prepared our trip we came across a video about a so-called food tour. We took this as inspiration to further google food tours in Krakow. “Free Walking Tours Krakow” offers a Food Tour Krakow – not free. Participation costs 50 Zloty (12 Euros).

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Sweet Prague

Sweet Prague – on the right track for sweet treats

I am a confessing sweet tooth and I discovered the sweet treats of Prague for me. From chocolate to pastries, everyone finds a reason to sin in Prague!

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Cheap food in Prague

Cheap food in Prague – our discoveries

Restaurants of all price categories populate the streets of Prague. But with some research, you can eat well at reasonable prices.

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