Cape St. Vincent

The Cape St. Vincent is located near Sages in Portugal. It marks the south-western tip of the European mainland.

Here, the European continent ends on a 70-meter high cliff.

Cape St Vinzenz is home to a small lighthouse. Its beacon light reaches almost 60 km across the Atlantic and makes it the brightest lighthouse in Europe.

Cape St. Vincent
Cape St. Vincent

From a historical point of view, the Cape is a significant place. Here, in 1780, the “moonlight battle” between the British and the Spanish ended with the victory of the British.

Who visits the Cape should not miss that one thing: the last Bratwurst in Europe. This is the end of Europe and this is where you will find not only flying traders, but also the last sausage before of America.

Cape St. Vincent

Other than that, there is, of course, the lighthouse at the end of the street and a stunning view of the steep coast of Portugal. But not more!
Nevertheless, numerous tourist buses drive up here, have their 20-minute stay and then move on. If you would like to go, make sure you move off the beaten track to get a good view.

Also, bring a jumper. No matter how warm the weather, cold winds are blowing!

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