Lagos - a sightseeing tour

Lagos is a port town in the Algarve about 30 km east of Cape St Vincent. On our way back from the south-western point of Europe, there was time for a flying visit.

In the 15th century, the port of Lagos was an important starting point for many expeditions to Africa, carried out by the Portuguese under Henry the Navigator. During the age of colonialism thousands of Black people were forcefully displaced and brought to Europe. Lagos was an important slave market. It was not until 1820 that human trafficking was banned.


In 1755 the city was heavily devastated by an 11 m high tidal wave caused by a tremendous earthquake.
The city wall, which can be seen today, was built afterwards.

The time we had in this city was clearly too short. Just about enough for a little stroll through the old town. However, we liked it very much and we will have more time on the next visit.


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