Insider tip for Lisbon - The aqueduct, water supply of the city

Insider tip for Lisbon – The aqueduct, water supply of the city

When talking about a holiday in Lisbon, usually a list of the same “standard” sights comes up. True Insider tip for Lisbon are rare. However, we found our secret tip for Lisbon – and it has to do with water.

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Minimarathon Lissabon

My first time – as a participant at the Lisbon Mini-Marathon

We spontaneously decided to join the Lisbon Mini-Marathon. Was it worth it? Read more …

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Stierkampfarena Lissabon

Praça de Touros do Campo Pequeno – a bullfighting arena

There actually still is bullfighting in Lisbon. I must have looked quite astonished when a member of staff at the entrance of the small museum said this to me.

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Free-Guided Tour Lissabon

Through Lisbon with a free-guided tour

It became a habit of ours to join a free-guided tour through the cities that we visit on one of the first days. Prior to the trip I searched the internet and found two providers in Lisbon.

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travel preparation for Lisbon

We fly to Lisbon!

Before we set off for Lisbon, we first gathered some information and then jumped head first into the preparations for the trip. From “how do we get there” to “where are we going to staying” all the way to “is it worth going there in March”.

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