From Lisbon To Sintra

While we were getting ready for our holiday in Lisbon pictures from Sintra always seemed to come back to us. This is especially true of the colorful and gorgeous Pena Palace.

For this reason we decided to plan a day trip to Sintra.

The Location Of Sintra

Sintra is a lovely, small town located approximately 25 kilometers west of Lisbon. The district is also called Sintra. During 2011 there were roughly 380,000 people living in an areas that was 319.2 km2.The picturesque city is set right at the foot of the Sierra de Sintra mountain range. The climate is mostly mild here and quite enjoyable.

Sintra is recognized for the century old palaces. The landscape is cultural and in 1995 was declared a UNESO World Cultural Heritage.


The area located right around Sintra was settled quite early. There are remains here that date all the way back to the Paleolithic period.
In 1147 Portugal's Alfonso I. came to Sintra and in 1154 gave them the right to be a town. Over the next few centuries monasteries were established because the soil here is incredibly productive. The city was used as a summer resort by numerous kings.
By the end of the fifteenth century an extensive reconstruction of the city was started by King Dom Manuel I. Upper class families moved to Sintra and has mansions built. Over time much of this has been rebuilt.
In the 19th century Sintra became home to industrial families and international artists. They were responsible for much of the urban development.


Getting From Lisbon To Sintra

We decided we wanted to go from Lisbon to Sintra for the day. There is a daily train ride each day from the Estação Rossio Train Station to Sintra. We were lucky because we got off the train right in front of our hotel at the Roma train station.

The cost for a round trip ticket in 2017 is € 4.30 for each person. Your best option is using the Viva Viagem card for public transport since it is reusable. The card is rechargeable and the cost is 0.50 €. In Lisbon you can use trams, subways and buses with this card. It is important not to load your card with metro tickets so you can use your empty card to book your trips. You can't save different tariffs and the Sintra trip is not included in the 6 € unlimited 24 hour ticket.

Reisevorbereitung für Lissabon

The trains have regular departures from Lisbon to Sintra. This is one of the main commuter routes and there are usually departures four times each hour. The trip is less than an hour and you will reach the station approximately 1.5 km east of city's historic center.

From here you can take the bus 434. This line has been designed as a service for tourists and it takes some of the most important sights of the city and ends at Pena Palace. You can buy a ticket for the bus directly at the stop for 5€ and get in and out as often as you like.

Traveling in Lisbon is easier and simpler by train than by car. The main road has a lot of traffic jams and the small towns streets are narrow with very little parking available. The road leading to Pena Palace is extremely narrow and curvy. The little parking available is fairly far from the Palaces main entrance.

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