Christmas Market Bratislava

Every year in December I catch it again – the Christ market fever. I have already visited many Christmas markets in Berlin and now I’m attracted by Christmas markets in other parts of the world. This year, it was the Christmas Market Bratislava!

Our visit to Bratislava was ideally timed for a visit to the Christmas market. The market is traditionally held in December but started a little early in November 2015, just in time for the first Advent. It is open daily.

Weihnachtsmarkt Bratislava

The squares Hlavné, Františkánske and Hviezdoslavovo námestie in the old town of Bratislava are transformed into a beautiful, small Christmas market with an ice rink to skate on. Small wooden houses are built as stalls where you can buy not only delicious treats but also pieces of local craftsmanship. The usual caps and socks are also available of course. On two large stages a Christmas show programme can be enjoyed.

Weihnachtsmarkt Bratislava
Weihnachtsmarkt Bratislava

We first checked out the marked on the early afternoon of our first day. It was still quite empty. What immediately caught our attention - the mulled wine! Here a true variety of hot grog, punch, Christmas meal and mulled wine is offered. Some booths, fortunately, had English descriptions on the menus so that we had some help in the decision-making process. My absolute favourite was Mojito-mulledwine!

Glühweinstand Weihnachtsmarkt Bratislava
Weihnachtsmarkt Bratislava

If one is on a quest for the usual sweets found on traditional German Christmas markets, such as caramelised almonds or gingerbread, they will not find those here. Instead, wafers, honey cakes and, above all, sweet egg pancakes (pancakes, rolled, filled with, for example, coconut or poppy seeds) are sold. The lovers of hearty food are pampered with giant potato pancakes, dark (very greasy) bratwurst, lard-onion-bread, roasted pig or bread filled with chicken or pork.

Essen Weihnachtsmarkt Bratislava
Weihnachtsmarkt Bratislava

When darkness fell over the Christmas market in Bratislava, it slowly became busier, but still not overcrowded. We comfortably had access to all stalls and attractions when we wanted to.

The Christmas market Bratislava maybe isn’t the most beautiful Christmas market. But I enjoyed it a lot and for me, it was worth the visit.


Opening hours:

Daily from 10 am to 10 pm
ATTENTION! Many of the craftsmen stalls were already closed at 8 pm

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