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The „Blue Church of Bratislava“ –

an atmosphere like Hundertwasser and Gaudi in Bratislava

One of the most unusual churches I have seen in a long time is St. Elisabeth, the Blue Church of Bratislava.

The Blue Church of Bratislava was built in the early 1900s. Architect Ödön Lechner from Budapest designed the church in the style of the secession with oriental elements. Typical elements of the Hungarian art nouveau, such as curved shapes, dominate the building. The parish and neighbouring grammar school were built in the same way. Originally, the church was intended to serve only for the school but was later opened to the public.

Blaue Kirche Bratislava

The church has an oval floor plan and a cylindrical tower. Even this makes the church quite unusual. The main and the side entrance are framed by double columns, which are connected by an arch. The entrance is crowed with a mosaic.  

At first, the church was painted in a pastel tone. Only later did it get the characteristic blue colour, which really makes the church very special. Even the roof of the church is covered with blue tiles. When you walk towards the church, you can see its blue glow from afar.

Blaue Kirche Bratislava

It was not possible to actually enter the church, but through an open door and a glass wall, we saw the inside. Even the interior comes in the same blue tones. The benches and many other elements were painted blue. A beautiful altar is located directly opposite the entrance.

The Blue Church of Bratislava reminded me of buildings of Hundertwasser or Gaudi. These curved lines and the really striking colour selection are also found in the buildings of these artists. This church could very well also stand in Barcelona or Vienna next to the buildings of the famous architects. A visit to the church is certainly worth it, especially if you are interested in unusual architecture.


St. Elisabeth (Blue Church of Bratislava)
Bezručova 2
81109 Bratislava

Opening hours:

Mon-Sun: all-day

Blaue Kirche Bratislava

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  1. George P. on 10. May 2018 at 2:12

    Terrific, my wife and I are headed here in a week. Can’t wait to see it in person. Nice pictures!

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