The five most beautiful destinations in Barcelona

After almost three weeks in Barcelona, I returned with so many memories that it was quite hard to pick a top five. One thing before we start: None of our excursions left me heavily disappointed. I was able to find something interesting, informative or beautiful at every single spot that we visited. But some of our trips were just that little bit more enjoyable than others.
Many impressions I gathered I didn’t even share here on these pages. There were so many that I selected the ones I did write about. So let me introduce to you:

Our Barcelona top 5

1. Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia is one of the most impressive sights I got to experience in Barcelona and was a guaranteed pick for our Barcelona top five.

The huge church is imposing, not only from the outside.
I was overwhelmed by the interior. None of the churches I visited before was ever that bright and flooded with light. Do not miss out on a visit.


2. Hospital de Sant Pau

The Hospital de Sant Pau is one of the quieter places that are not yet overrun by tourists.
It’s a shame to miss these wonderful premises.

This architectural gem is the top discovery for me in Barcelona and a definite part of the top five!



3. Reial Monestir De Santa Maria De Pedralbes

The monastery Reial Monestir De Santa Maria De Pedralbes is right in the middle of Barcelona. Like the Hospital de Sant Pau this, too, is a spot that not many tourists find their way to. This makes time spent in the beautiful courtyard wonderfully peaceful and quiet.
This spot slows a busy city trip right down.

4. Bull Fighting Arena “La Monumental”

Number four of our top five holiday memories from Barcelona: The bullfighting arena “La Monumental” is part of the history of Catalonia. Thankfully, the times of actual bullfighting in this arena are over. But its architecture makes the arena a very interesting stop and a visit is well worthwhile.



5. Montserrat

The monastery Montserrat is outside of Barcelona but easy to get to via train.
The place was flooded with tourists and it was pouring down when we visited but it was nevertheless an impressive visit and has therefore earned a spot on the Barcelona top five list.

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