Reial Monestir

Reial Monestir De Santa Maria De Pedralbes

What I thought a monastery would look like!
As I returned from our trip to Montserrat a little disappointed by the atmosphere I was a tad sceptical what to expect from our visit to the Reial Monestir De Santa Maria De Pedralbes.

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1992 Summer Olympics - The Olympic Barcelona

The Olympic Barcelona

The Summer Olympic Games 1992 took place in Barcelona. It was a special event as for the first time in 20 years athletes from all nations that had an Olympic Committee took part in the games.

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Park Güell

Is the Park Güell really worth the money?

Gaudi… the Park Güell… I was really looking forward to our visit. I looked at countless videos and pictures that different bloggers have made of this park and I was always intrigued. How would it feel to really be there?

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markets of Barcelona

The hustle and bustle of the markets of Barcelona

Paying one of the countless markets of Barcelona a visit is essential for every trip to this city. Markets, big and small, offering all sorts of goods, can be found in all of Barcelona’s districts. Locals buy their fresh produce, sweets, spices and second-hand goodies right there.

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Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia – an eternal construction site

For Berlin it’s the BER airport, for Barcelona, it’s the Sagrada Familia. A never-ending, massive construction project! There is a difference between the two though: Construction in Barcelona has been going on for much longer and there are no construction plans.

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