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Jameos des Agua

The Jameos des Agua are in the lava field of the Volcan de la Corona. They are part of an accessible system of lava tunnels on Lanzarote.

Jameos des Agua

When we visited Lanzarote, these caves were high up on our itinerary. The pictures in our traveller guidebook looked irresistible. It quickly became apparent that going there was a good call.

The island government decided in 1960 to transform the partially collapsed caves into a centre for art, culture and tourism. Artist César Manrique took on the job and the marvellous centre opened in 1966.

A steep stairway leads visitors to a restaurant and the grotto. From here visitors can see the lake. Only very little light reaches the grotto. Without the very many tourists, the dim light would give this space a mystic feel.

Jameos des Agua

The lake is fed by ocean water even though there is no direct connection to the ocean. Tiny white crabs float in the water. I particularly like the reflections on the water. From the lake, another stairway leads up to the entirely white pool. The pool is no longer used for swimming. Behind the pool is another grotto that is used as a venue for concerts.

Jameos des Agua

A visit is certainly worthwhile, but visitors should come with enough time on their hands. Especially in the mornings, the caves get quite busy. This space is fascinating. Feel free to sit down and just enjoy this impressive natural spectacle.


Opening Hours:

Daily between 10.00 and 18.00
Tuesday and Saturday between 10.00 and 00.30

Admission (March 2018):

Adults: 9,50€
Children (7 – 12 years): 4,75€

Tickets can be combined with tickets to other attractions on Lanzarote which offers you a good opportunity to save should you have other excursions planned!

Jameos des Agua

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