Summiting a volcano – a tour through the mountains

In the hinterland of Playa Blanca and easily accessible from our hotel is a volcanic cone. Our goal: summiting this volcano!

Even though the entire region around Playa Blanca is a protected nature reserve now, there is still the possibility to climb the volcano.
The volcano is called Montana Roja and has some accessible routes to the summit. This red mountain is about 194 meters tall.

Summiting a volcano – a tour through the mountains

The summit attempt begins a little further up from the small resort town of Montana Baja. An easy to find trail leads up from there to the summit cross in 30 minutes, if you walk at pace.

Summiting a volcano – a tour through the mountains

Once at the top, the view is wonderful. Playa Blanca, the Faro de Pechiguera lighthouse and – if the weather permits – Fuerteventura are visible without binoculars. When walking along the ridge of the crater into the other direction the Janubio saline becomes visible with the help of binoculars.

Attention! Even in the best weather conditions, a strong wind is present on top of the volcano. Put on a jumper, even when you were warm on the way up.

The way down was less tiresome but you need to treat more carefully as the scree can easily move at any moment.


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