Antalya - Lara
Our first winter escape into the sun

So far I have always refused - holidays in Turkey was not imaginable for me. As a Berliner in some districts, you experience the Turkish life more than in some Turkish tourist resorts. So why go there? But for our first winter escape from the Berlin winter the destination was just right.

Winter in Berlin it is really not that great temperature wise. Also, we were extremely annoyed by the renovation work in our house which has been going on for almost a year now. So we flew to Turkey to get some work done and still enjoy peace and recreation time. The offer was just too good: 5-star, All inclusive, themed hotel on the beach with wellness, 20 minutes transfer from the airport including flight for 10 days per person for a mere 500 €. I’m sure there are even cheaper offers out there but for the first winter-escape without too much research: not bad.

So one week before the departure date, we figured out the most important key figures for our work:

  • Wi-Fi in the hotel - no problem!
  • Telephone ... oops, Turkey was of course not included in our mobile phone tariff.
    Well, there are quite a lot of Turkish phone shops in Berlin. Here we bought a prepaid Sim from TURK CELL EUROPE. We had our last remaining questions answered by very nice employees of the service line of the phone company and we were ready to put the SIM in our old cell phone. Once registered we had a much cheaper option for calls from and to Turkey.
    We did not need the cell phone very much though. The hotel Wi-Fi was good enough that even important phone calls worked well through Voice over IP or WhatsApp.
  • We saved all important passwords, banking details and contacts in 1Password and installed encryption programs. The laptop was ready to travel the world.
  • Oh, the camera! Not only essential as a travel blogger but also a nice tool to show some pictures to those we left behind to endure the cold. So do not forget to pack enough memory cards!!!!

So let the journey begin. Whatever else needs to be figured out can be done once on site.


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