We are going to Brighton!

We made this decision in Berlin, even before we came to the UK. We wanted to go to Brighton. And when we finally embarked on our excursion to the famous coastal town we really lucked out with the weather. Ideal for a fun day at the beach!

We started at Waterloo Station in London. We purchased our tickets at a ticket machine using our credit card. The journey time varies between 1 and 1.5h depending on the train and its stops.

Once in Brighton, the main road runs straight ahead, all the way downhill, to the sea.


And one look to the left and there it is: The Brighton Pier.


This very well-known pier was built in 1899 and is now busy with restaurants, bars, arcades, carousels, rollercoasters and stalls of street vendors. The lively amusement road is well worth seeing. The rollercoaster might not look all that high and exciting, but a ride with a view of the open sea is something really special. Arcade machines are plentiful and used constantly which gives the place a slight Las Vegas style. And then there is the absolutely delicious frozen yoghurt that can be bought at the pier.

Feeling reinvigorated by a good portion of fish ‘n’ chips that can be found in the restaurants along the beach, there is the opportunity to explore the town Brighton.

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