All on board! The Volk’s Electric Railway is leaving the station!

On a visit to Brighton, you certainly should not miss out on a trip on the Volk’s Electric Railway.

This electric railway in Brighton was constructed in 1883 and is still running along the coastline. It got its name from its inventor, Magnus Volk.
Today, the railway runs between the stops Aquarium Station and Black Rock and also calls at Peter Pan’s Playground.

Volk’s Electric Railway

Unfortunately, the railway is out of service in the winter months (between the end of September and around Easter). But it operates daily in the summer months. The current opening hours and ticket prices can be found on the Volk’s Electric Railway website. There is a train every 15 minutes, generally.

Volk’s Electric Railway

Of cause, we also went for a ride on the Volk’s Electric Railway when we were in Brighton. But we only bought a single ticket. The distance between the stops isn’t all that far and the way back along the beach is very pleasant.
We boarded the train at Aquarium Station. It was very busy at the station, especially all the families wanted to get seats next to each other on the small and narrow benches of the train. The operators pay attention to get everyone seated before the train leaves. There is no standing room. The train journey itself doesn’t take very long and waiting at the last stop are the next passengers for the way back.
We enjoyed this little trip and for railway- and train fans a ride on this cute little train is almost a must.

Volk’s Electric Railway

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