Taking a boat to Greenwich

London visitors should not miss out on a boat tour to Greenwich. This London district is at the southern banks of the river Thames and a boat tour over to Greenwich is really pleasant.

Taking a boat to Greenwich Big Ben

One of the providers offers this nice little cruise for free with a London Pass.

There are many different providers with many different offers. The best thing to do is just to walk along the embankment with all the landings and to have a look at the information about the different offers. The duration of the trip varies depending on the type of boat and the number of stops on the way.

We picked a landing right below Big Ben as our starting point. That also allowed me to get a good picture of the bridge without all the tourists in it.

We had one stop at the opposite side of the river at the London Eye before we started our cruise on the Thames which was truly rich in variety.

The crew on every boat tells little stories, talks about the history of London or shares some anecdotes from their work on the boat.

The Thames embankment on both sides is so rich in interesting and diverse buildings that we were happy to have plenty of time to take pictures again on the way back.
That boat tour is remarkably rich in variation and on nice days double the fun!

Taking a boat to Greenwich
Taking a boat to Greenwich
Big Ben und Parlamentsgebäude Taking a boat to Greenwich

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