Greenwich – a district in London

The London district Greenwich used to be the centre of the British Navy. But the district got world famous because of the prime meridian that runs through the Greenwich Observatory and because of the Greenwich Mean Time.The Royal Naval College was built here in 1873 and is now used by the Greenwich University and the Music Academy.

The maritime museum, the Greenwich Park and the Royal Greenwich Observatory are its most popular landmarks. This very beautiful district was declared UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1997.


After we got off our boat we strolled through the lovely area. Climbing the little hill up to the observatory is absolutely worthwhile. The view is breathtaking. There is an admission fee to get into the observatory. We skipped that and instead took a picture of the metal strip that symbolises the prime meridian through the fence.


The university buildings were the most impressive. In case the auditoriums and lecture halls are just as pretty, I can imagine that studying here must be quite fun. The maritime museum is free of charge. But we decided to rather make use of the good weather and go for a walk in the park.


After round about 2 hours we took the boat back to our starting point in London.


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