Our top 5 places in London

Here is a write up of our top 5 places in London. All of these spots can be easily reached on public transport.
It took me a little while to figure out what my favourite places on our trip to London were. This journey was so diverse, so new, so fascinating, so wonderful – it wasn’t easy to decide.

Our top 5 places in London

1. London Eye

I already decided that I wanted to go on this Ferris wheel before we came to London.

We purchased our tickets online in advance to avoid long waiting times. We didn’t have to queue for long and we also had no other passengers in our car – at 10 in the morning, London is apparently still asleep.

I was enthused! The view was breathtakingly beautiful. Read more about it in our London Eye article…

2. The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Everything about the Olympics really fascinates me. Up to now, I tried to find the remains of The Olympic Games at all our travel destinations that had something to do with Olympia.

So the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park was, of course, one of our destinations in London. It was a long-ish ride on the tube out there but it was worth it. We were able to discover not only the sports facilities but also a lovely park. The deconstruction of the stadium that was happening at that time was really interesting to watch. We got a good look at it from the viewing platform of the Orbit.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park London
Our top 5 places in London

3. Greenwich

We took a boat to Greenwich. Not only the boat tour on the Thames is an experience, the crew’s commentary along the way was so informative that one should really be given a recorded version to listen back to fully take in all the information. There is so much to discover at the banks of the river that the time on the boat is over way too soon.

Greenwich itself is ideal for little walks. The University campus with its old buildings is not to be missed just as well as the walk up to the observatory and the Prime Meridian that runs through Greenwich.


4. Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of the main tourist attractions in London. Of course we had to go there! And of course many, many other people wanted to go there, too. We went relatively early in the morning and didn’t have to queue for long.

On our to-do list for the visit (for which we had typically English weather) as well as on everybody else’s were the Crown Jewels. Fortunately, we caught a gap between two large groups and didn’t have to wait in line.

The whole area, the Tower and its history are very fascinating and interesting.

Tower of London
Our top 5 places in London

5. Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall was something we just wanted to have a quick look at in passing. But the inevitable happened and it rained nonstop in London! So we spontaneously went on a tour through the Royal Albert Hall.

And that was a good call!

The guide shared a lot of information and we got to see a stunning concert hall in which I’d love to see a concert one day.

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    Great list.. I had experienced with only 1st one and it was awesome..

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