Eton / Windsor
A walk through Eton

About 25 km lie between London and Eton, which is located directly opposite of Windsor. The towns are separated by the river Thames but there is a bridge to cross over from one to the other.

Eton is home to the very famous and enormously exclusive Eton College, a boarding school for boys. Round about 1300 young students between the age of 13 and 18 visit the school.

The Dorney Lake in Eton was the venue for Olympic rowing and canoe competitions in 2012.


After visiting Windsor Castle we crossed the bridge into Eton with the aim to have a look at the campus. But, as it happens, on that day the campus was closed to the public because of a school event. However, we got to marvel at some students in long and elegant robes and saw many very excited parents. If we had known more about the rich and the famous of the country, we might have spotted a celebrity or two.

Eton collage

With the campus closed we took a walk through the city instead and had a look from the outside. It is indeed a very impressive campus. All around it we found little signs pointing to the student’s accommodations. They do not live in the typical student blocks as one might expect. They reside in these iconic, English houses in small groups.


A special feature of the city are the many tailor shops and clothing stores dotted around the small streets around the campus with the different school uniforms in their shop windows. We are simply not used to the colourful jackets that are worn by the students according to their schools.


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