Residence Square in Salzburg

City stroll through Salzburg

Salzburg is a really beautiful city, full of history and tradition. We strolled through the city and found some places that we just loved.

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fortress Hohensalzburg

High above the city: The fortress Hohensalzburg

High above the city of Salzburg lies the fortress Hohensalzburg. You should absolutely not miss out on what is a view over the city that is most definitely worth seeing. .

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Hellbrunn Palace

Day trip to Hellbrunn Palace

If you are visiting Salzburg, you should not miss out on a visit to Hellbrunn Palace. Although it is a true tourist magnet, the water features were an unforgettable experience for me.We chose to make the journey to Hellbrunn by boat.

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St. Peter Abbey

Visit to the cemetery and the catacombs of St. Peter Abbey

If you look closely you will quickly find this true oasis of calm in the city – St. Peter monastery in Salzburg. We have passed it on a walk and the place magically attracted us. The Abbey is located on the bottom of a hill, the Mönchsberg, in the middle of Salzburg.

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