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Food and Drink

Food in Barcelona

Food in Barcelona

There is nothing worse than having different preferences for eating times than the locals at your destination. Whenever we became hungry, most restaurants were closed.

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cheap food and drink in Belgrade

Food and drinks in Belgrade at a reasonable price

Food and drinks are some of the things in Serbia that always need to be both good and plentiful so that one can get lost in it and that one should allow enough time for.

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food and drink in Riga

Our recommendations for delicious foods and drinks in Riga

It is a little disappointing to visit the Old Town of Riga and stumble on KFC, McDonald’s, Costa Coffee and all the other chains that one doesn’t really like to go to. Our tourist guide in Riga had a few recommendations for us about where to eat in Riga.

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M&M Store in London

Paradise for chocolate lovers – the M&M Store in London

All those people who like M&Ms wouldn’t want to miss it – the M&M Store London! But also those who aren’t fans of the little chocolate balls shouldn’t give it a miss but rather come to the store and have a look at what’s going on.

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Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips – we tried typically English street food in Brighton!

Who travels to the UK is going to notice it: “THE” typical street food is Fish and Chips. Be assured that we had it on our list, too and on our day trip to Brighton we picked one of these greasy sins up at the pier.

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Sweet Krakow

Sweet Krakow – We are on to Krakow’s sweet treats

We are on to Krakow’s sweet treats Poland is known for its hearty cuisine. So we followed the traces of the sweeter dishes of Krakow and found a few “sins” we would like to recommend.

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Food Tour Krakow

Free walking tour in Krakow – a food tour

As we prepared our trip we came across a video about a so-called food tour. We took this as inspiration to further google food tours in Krakow. “Free Walking Tours Krakow” offers a Food Tour Krakow – not free. Participation costs 50 Zloty (12 Euros).

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Sweet Prague

Sweet Prague – on the right track for sweet treats

I am a confessing sweet tooth and I discovered the sweet treats of Prague for me. From chocolate to pastries, everyone finds a reason to sin in Prague!

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