What an unusual hotel! There is a glass pyramid on the outskirts of Fürth – the Excelsior Hotel Nürnberg Fürth.
We were invited to get to know the hotel and we spent a wonderful time in Fürth. The hotel was reopened in 2018 after it had been empty for 2 years. Before the reopening, it was refurbished and redecorated. And it shows, everything feels very new and fresh.

Sleeping in a pyramid – Excelsior Hotel Nürnberg Fürth

How did we like our stay in the Excelsior Hotel Nürnberg Fürth?

The top of the pyramid is visible from afar and once at the hotel one gets to admire the entirety of the building in all its glass glory.

Sleeping in a pyramid – Excelsior Hotel Nürnberg Fürth

We walk into the well-lit lobby. Here, too, the view to the ceiling is quite unusual. Cleverly placed mirrors create the illusion of standing in a smaller pyramid.

Sleeping in a pyramid – Excelsior Hotel Nürnberg Fürth

We were welcomed by very friendly staff and given a room on the 5th floor of the pyramid. The hotel has 104 rooms of different categories; we’ll come back to that later.
We took the lift up and I had one of my first questions answered:

Sleeping in a pyramid – Excelsior Hotel Nürnberg Fürth

We had a standard room. It had a bathroom with a bathtub. The bathroom has a window to the living area. That lets a lot of light into the bathroom but people from the main room can also look inside the bathroom. We were okay with that but I know that for other people that might be an issue.

Sleeping in a pyramid – Excelsior Hotel Nürnberg Fürth

There is a big and comfy queen size double bed in the room and, to my delight, it was facing the window and therefore it came with a lovely view.

Window being the key word here. The pyramid is made of glass after all. All rooms on all floors are arranged in a way that gives them one big panoramic window. They come with blinds to darken the room. Our room oversaw a motorway and a small channel in the direction of Zirndorf. With the windows closed, we almost didn’t hear the motorway at all. As it got darker we admired the beautiful sunset from our room and also discovered jet trails of the many airplanes in the sky.

A tour through the hotel

We were really happy to find out that the manager on duty had some time to show us around the hotel.

Conference rooms

The Excelsior Hotel Nürnberg Fürth offers a variety of different conference rooms. The biggest of them was prepared for a wedding on the next day when we visited.

Sleeping in a pyramid – Excelsior Hotel Nürnberg Fürth

There are also smaller rooms. In total, there are 10 of them in different sizes and with different capacities. All combined, they hold up to 1000 participants.

Sleeping in a pyramid – Excelsior Hotel Nürnberg Fürth

I noticed that all the rooms get a lot of daylight, which I loved. There is the option to eat in a separate restaurant and to access a balcony.

Restaurant and Bar Prime

The Restaurant and Bar Prime is right next to the lobby. The room is spacious and offers enough room for its guests.

Sleeping in a pyramid – Excelsior Hotel Nürnberg Fürth

This is where breakfast is served. Here is one useful tip: We forgot the times for breakfast and when we wanted to look it up in the info pack of the hotel we didn’t find one. We called reception to ask and also pointed out that there is no info material in our room. Now we know better! Turning on the TV will give you a screen with all the relevant information about the hotel. A digital information pack. Too bad that we never turn on the TV on our trips or we would have seen that!

But back to breakfast in the restaurant. The buffet was rich and varied: Bread rolls, muesli, fresh fruit and even pancakes…

Sleeping in a pyramid – Excelsior Hotel Nürnberg Fürth

We most definitely found something to our taste and unfortunately ate too much of it once again. Those who’d fancy a brunch in the hotel restaurant can come in on every first Sunday each month.

We were invited to try out the restaurant on our first night. The menu is small but offers something for every taste. We had, as we almost always do in hotels, a burger with chips.

Sleeping in a pyramid – Excelsior Hotel Nürnberg Fürth

The portion size was more than big enough for me. The chips were crunchy and the meat was grilled to our taste. Regional beer was served with the food and the evening was exactly what we hoped it to be.

Expedition through the hotel rooms

On our tour through the hotel, we didn’t leave out the other hotel room categories. Up tot hat point I hadn’t thought about the special twist of the hotel. As the footprint of each storey gets smaller as you move up the pyramid there is a different number of rooms on each floor.
In addition to the standard rooms, the hotel also has rooms of the categories Superior, Executive, Deluxe, two Business Suites and one Deluxe Suite. Generally, the colour scheme is the same in every room. The differences are in size and facilities.

Sleeping in a pyramid – Excelsior Hotel Nürnberg Fürth

Two types of rooms I remember very well. One is the business suits that had either one or two sleeping areas and on top of that also a kitchen, a bathroom and a big table for meetings. In one of the Deluxe rooms, there was a square bathtub right in the centre of the room in front of the big panorama window of the pyramid (that feature didn’t exist in all rooms of that category). Taking a bath there and looking into the stars, now that is quite something…

What else is there to know…

The Excelsior Hotel Nürnberg Fürth has a very well equipped gym with new cardio- and strength training machines.

Sleeping in a pyramid – Excelsior Hotel Nürnberg Fürth

The spa area of the hotel was not yet finished and therefore closed at the time of our visit. It is planned, though to open this area for the guests again soon.

We felt very welcome during our stay and can very well imagine coming back for another stay at the pyramid on a future trip to Fürth.

Public transport from Fürth central station

On foot:

On day one we walked from Fürth central station to the hotel. The route mainly followed roads but one can also walk parts of it through a park.
Duration: 30 – 45 minutes

By bus:

Two bus lines travel between the central station and the Excelsior Hotel. The price for a single ticket (in 2018) is 2.50€ per person. Tickets can be purchased from the driver.
Bus 179 – get off at the roundabout at the stop „Gartenkolonie Südstadt I“. Walk down Europaalee for another 5 minutes to get to the hotel.
Bus 177 – get off at the terminus „Europaallee“ right in front of the hotel
Duration: We tried both busses. Travel time was around 20 – 30 minutes.

By car:

For those travelling by car the hotel offers parking spaces in their garage for a fee or you park on the ample parking spaces along the roads.

Public transport from Fürth central station
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Excelsior Hotel Nürnberg Fürth
Europaallee 1
90763 Fürth


We were invited to stay at the Excelsior Hotel Nürnberg Fürth as part of a cooperation. The review is our personal opinion.


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