Coffee Hag

An almost forgotten place – the former Coffee Hag area in the “Überseestadt”

A walk to the “Überseestadt” district in Bremen took us to an almost forgotten area. These grounds were the birthplace of Coffee Hag, a great coffee manufactory.

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The Schnoorviertel

On the way to The District in Bremen, our guide of “Bremen erleben” took a little detour with us and led us to the Schnoorviertel. I immediately fell in love with this corner of Bremen.

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street art in Bremen

Street art in Bremen – more than just doodles!

There were times where many of the so called “works of art” on houses or trains made me start a rant. But if you ignore the pointless scribbles, there are genuine works of art to be discovered on the streets.

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Wilkommen Bremen - Market Place in Bremen

Market Place in Bremen

The market place in Bremen is located in the centre of the Hanseatic city. These approximately 3500 m2 are one of the oldest places in Bremen and the spot with the most visitors.

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Town Musicians of Bremen

The Town Musicians of Bremen – die Bremer Stadtmusikanten

“You know what,” said the donkey, “I go to Bremen, where I am going to be a town musician, come with me, and take up music, too.” And the donkey, the dog, the cat and the rooster walked to Bremen together…

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