The Hotel Kaiserhof at the edge of Radeberg’s Old Town is somewhat of a central hub. We were invited to spend a relaxing night there. But not before we had a refresher session for our „language skills“ in the Beer Theatre.

Hotel Kaiserhof in Radeberg

The Hotel Kaiserhof has been part of Radeberg since it opened its door in 1896 and is just as characteristic for the town as the local beer is.
The „Great Restaurant“ that offered space for 100 guests was particularly popular when a funfair or a livestock auction was held in the city. People from all walks of life frequented the hotel and ate and drank together.

Hotel Kaiserhof in Radeberg

The great hall was used for balls and functions during the times of economic growth in the region. In later years it was used as a gym and was transformed into a cinema in 1935.

The name of the hotel was changed from „Kaiserhof“ to „Radeberger Hof“ in 1940 and it kept the new name until its closure in the 1980s. The cinema was still in use up until then but the interest of the locals diminished over time and so it was closed and the hall was used as a gym once again.

What followed were long years of vacancy where the building slowly started to crumble. A new investor came forward in 1996 and restoration works began. The hotel reopened in 1998 as „Hotel Kaiserhof“ in Radeberg. It has 25 rooms now for guests to spend the night.

 Hotel Kaiserhof in Radeberg

We were invited to spend a night at the hotel. Our room was spacious, light and functionally equipped. It was very nice for our intended use. WiFi is free and reached all the way into our room. A big car park is available for guests and is free of charge.

Hotel Kaiserhofin Radeberg

This hotel is in an ideal location for a tour of the city. We had the Export Beer Brewery in walking distance as well as the Old Town, Klippenstein Castle and the local hiking trails.
We felt very well accommodated!


Hauptstraße 62
01454 Radeberg
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Brewery Bar in Radeberg

Radeberger Beer

The Brewery Bar in Radeberg is part of the Hotel Kaiserhof. Honestly, they don’t offer anything one wouldn’t find in a restaurant with a speciality beer bar. However, it is one of the few locations where one can purchase and enjoy Radeberger Zwickelbier. Zwickelbier is the unfiltered version of the original Radeperger Pilsner and it comes fresh from the tap from the nearby brewery. This beer is not available in bottles.

By now, I have learned why that is the case. The beer would perish too quickly in bottles and lose its taste. And that would be a shame as I have to say I almost like this beer better than the Radeberger Pilsner.

We had a wonderful breakfast in the hotel restaurant as well as an outstanding dinner.
Prior to our visit to the Beer Theatre, we were served starters and mains in the restaurant. For starters, we had fruity tomato cappuccino which almost filled me up completely and was very tasty. Too bad I was approaching full as the main dish of fried ox cheeks from Irish cattle with gravy was also very delicious and tender. The main dish was served with melted tomatoes, sweetheart cabbage and potatoes. All the different flavours were complementing each other excellently and made for a fantastic experience.

Hotel Kaiserhof in Radeberg

Luckily, dessert was served after the interval at the Beer Theatre. So when it arrived, I was delighted by the fine caramel tart and crumble with nectarine mascarpone icecream on homemade raspberry sauce.

The Brewery Bar in Radeberg is a cosy venue for food and drinks. Even visitors that do not reside in the hotel should not miss out on it.

Beer Theatre Radeberg

Travelling to Saxony as a person from Berlin could easily result in some language-related difficulties. As we all know German isn’t the same depending on where it is spoken. There are many charming and colourful dialects to discover.

So what could be better suited to brush up on local language skills than the first Saxony vernacular theatre (Sächsisches Mundart Theater).

Beer Theatre Radeberg

The Beer Theatre Radeberd was established in 2002. Its venue is in a great and impressive hall of the Hotel Kaiserhof. I learned that this hall used to be a gym and a cinema back in the day. It was completely refurbished and converted into a theatre with a wonderful new ceiling. Two stages were built for the shows and a bar was added for the guests. The audience sits at long tables that can be arranged differently in the great hall.

Beer Theatre Radeberg

We were invited to see the piece „Malzau braut sich“ at the Beer Theatre in Radeberg.

A little more info on the play itself:
The mayor of a town called Malzau sold the premises of the Restaurant „Zur Linde“. The buyer wasn’t the expected local businessman with the rapidly growing enterprise, it was an old hippie. Now the mayor suffers from a bout of the women-flu and also from the increasing pressure of the businessman. Relief? Maybe her love of beer?

My worries that I would sit in the Beer Theatre with my beer and wouldn’t get a word of what the actors were saying proved to be unnecessary. The dialect was certainly noticeable but I had heard infinitely stronger dialects on the street.
The piece was well-paced and humorous – it was what was to be expected of a mixture of comedy and light theatre. We certainly enjoyed our evening!

Hotel Kaiserhof

There are shows almost every day in the Beer Theatre in the Hotel Kaiserhof in Radeberg. Tickets are available in ticket shops and online on the theatre’s website.

Our stay at the Hotel Kaiserhof and our tickets for the Beer Theatre were gifted to us as part of a research trip. Thanks a lot! This article reflects our own experience and opinion.

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