Amsterdam Schiphol – a mega airport

The fourth largest airport in Europe is located in the Netherlands. The “Luchthaven Amsterdam Schiphol” is located in the immediate vicinity of Amsterdam and is one of the largest European hubs for many airlines.In 1916, Schiphol was still a military airport. Only since 1920 the area has been used as a public airport.
Already in 1935 the airport had 4 concrete runways and was further extended by 2 more additional runways in 2003.
With a volume of approximately 50 million passengers in 2011, Amsterdam Schiphol is one of the five largest airports in Europe.

Amsterdam Schiphol
Amsterdam Schipol

The airport is directly connected to the railway network to, amongst other destinations, Amsterdam. It is also linked to Amsterdam’s public transport.

Amsterdam Schipol
Amsterdam Schipol

We used our waiting time at the airport for a trip up to the visitor deck. From here you have a great view of the tarmac and it is a lovely spot to catch some sun. Almost makes you miss your departure time!
The diversity of the airport shops is also impressive. Very inviting for a stroll that has the potential to make your holiday really expensive.

Amsterdam Schipol
Amsterdam Shipol

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