Street art in Bremen – more than just doodles!

There were times where many of the so called “works of art” on houses or trains made me start a rant. But if you ignore the pointless scribbles, there are genuine works of art to be discovered on the streets.On our tour through Bremen’s districts, we spotted some really great pieces. Surely, as with many things, it is a matter of personal taste and for some people, these paintings will not classify as street art. For me, however, the works clearly belong into that category and since pictures say more than 1000 words, I let the pictures speak.

Street art in Bremen

Street art in Bremen - tree dragon - Street art in BremenSkyline von Bremen - Street artStreet artOstertorfähre Street art in BremenStreet art in Bremen - Roland, Wappen

Street art on the topic Werder Bremen

You can hardly miss the love for the home football club.

Ernie und Bert Street art Bremen Werder Bremen - Street art Werder Bremen Street art football soccer - Street art Werder Bremen - Street art

Surely there is much more street art to be discovered in Bremen.

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