From Cherry liqueur to Pudding tartlets -
culinary discoveries in Lisbon

Food in Lisbon - what is typically portuguese and where did it get to us so during our stay in Lisbon.

Cherry liqueur- delicious!

In the travel guide, I had read about a Cherry liqueur, which should be very popular not only for tourists, but also for locals. Shortly before the end of our stay in Lisbon, the small shop magically attracted us with what they had to offer.
"A Ginjinha do Rossio" means the stand-up bar not far from the Rossio. Here there is no other drink than the Cherry liqueur, which goes in small plastic cups over the counter. In addition to some tourists, locals also came by, and we were greeted with handshakes and apparently drank the delicious liqueur on the way home.

From Cherry liqueur to Pudding tartlets - culinary discoveries in Lisbon

The liqueur was created in the monasteries of the city. The cherries of the trees were conserved with spirits and sugar and then later served as liqueurs. Today, fresh sour cherries with a liter of brandy and 400g of sugar are put into a large glass, shaken vigorously and then well sealed. After about 2 months, the liqueur is ready. - This reminds me of the production of a rum pot and also tasted similar - just a bit sweeter.

Oh, this is fun! Whoever finds a cherry kernel in his liqueur spits this simply on the ground. This is the tradition.


Largo São Domingos 8,
1100-201 Lissabon,

Opening Hours:

daily: 9-22


From Cherry liqueur to Pudding tartlets - culinary discoveries in Lisbon

Hamburgueria 21 - Delicious hamburger eating in Lisbon

While we were looking for a restaurant near our hotel, we came across the Hamburgueria 21.

In addition to a good ambience in the restaurant, the burgers tasted so good that we had another evening here. The staff was very helpful and friendly. Since the restaurant is not in the direct entrance area of ​​the tourists, it was a little difficult to communicate in English, but they did well and we were ok. The map is bilingual, so we were able to make a good decision.

From Cherry liqueur to Pudding tartlets - culinary discoveries in Lisbon
From Cherry liqueur to Pudding tartlets - culinary discoveries in Lisbon

The burgers are handmade. The burger was super seasoned, and the potato slices were delivered as a side dish with each burger. They were great! Thin, crispy potato slices! They were fried but not with grease and were made with a delicious mayonnaise. These potato slices were better than any other fries I've ever had!  

To add to the great Burgers there was delicious beer, local varieties and imported beer.

Lisbon food
hamburgeria Lisbon


Av. João XXI, 45A
1000-299 Lissabon,

Opening Hours:

Monday - Saturday: 12-23
Closed Sunday


Good value, good value for burgers

lisbon food
lisbon vinho verde

Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau

In the pedestrian zone of the city center we passed the Casa Portuguesa. A really very appealing store specializing in the sale of Pastel de Bacalhau.

As the main meal I would not recommend this food in Lisbon, I feel it just too expensive. But as a "snack" / intermediate meal it is excellent. The Portuguese eat the dish cold or hot to the aperitif.

What are the Pastel de Bacalhau? Bacalhau is the stockfish, which is first watered, boiled and then bones and skin are removed. The fish is grated and blended in equal parts with crushed potatoes. In addition, eggs, spices and onions are then added to the mixture. In the Casa Portuguesa small balls are formed from the mixture with spoons, which are fried in olive oil. Who would like to buy also the little balls with additional cheese filling??

food lisbon

prepare codfish cake

Casa Portuguesa

Casa Portuguesa

Food in Lisbon

codfish cake

It tasted in any case. I missed the fish taste, it was rather the potato to taste. But I have never eaten stockfish, maybe he does not taste very intensely.
We have sampled the Pastel de Bacalhau in the tourist area. They were correspondingly expensive. Unfortunately, during our stay, I have not discovered any other place that offered this dish. It would certainly be exciting to present a price and taste comparison.


R. Augusta 106,
1100-053 Lisbon,

Opening hours (2017):

Daily from 10am to 8pm
Changes are possible on holidays.

Price (2017):

Per piece: 6.50 €

From Cherry liqueur to Pudding tartlets - culinary discoveries in Lisbon

Pastéis de Belém -Food in Lisbon

The sweet temptation in Lisbon. Vanilla cake/ Pudding tartlets with icing sugar and cinnamon or pastéis de Belém. An ideal dessert after the hearty meal in Lisbon.

A monk from the neighboring monastery had the idea to make pastries in the old sugar factory, which is now the business. The nuns used egg whites to strengthen their domes and the egg yolk could be used so ideally. In 1837 the first tartlets were sold. The rush was so fast that it was decided to keep the recipe with the exact ingredients as a mystery for 180 years. There are now many modifications, but none comes to the original 100%. On some days, up to 900 tarts are made per hour!

Pastéis de Belém

In the main season the business is expected to be packed, se we seemed to be lucky. No waiting line and not one stood in front of us at the desk. So in hindsight, this could be due to the unfriendly staff we had caught that day. The Pastéis de Belém can not have been situated. For 6.60 € (already a real tourist price) there were 6 small tarts, a small bag of powdered sugar and a small bag of cinnamon.

We sat with our shopping in the sun and enjoyed. The first still lukewarm pastry I have eaten pure, the other two with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Delicious! I liked it and I can recommend the Pastéis de Belém.


R. Belém 84-92,
1300-085 Lisbon,

Opening hours (2017):

Daily from 8 to 23


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