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LX Factory - From factory to tourist attraction

The LX Factory is located halfway between Belém and the city centre, below Ponte 25 de Abril (Bridge of the 25th April). Ideal for a short pit stop on the way back from Belém.

In 1849, the textile factory Companhia de Fiação e Tecidos Lisbonense opened its gates here. With 23,000 m2 of production space, it was a major employer in Lisbon. Due to economic difficulties, the factory had to close down. A print shop used part of the premises, but it, too, had to close down. The site deteriorated more and more until an investor finally bought it in 2007. His goal is to transform the area into an island of creativity.

LX Factory

Artists moved to the site shortly after. Offices and creative spaces were set up, restaurants, bars and small shops opened. The charm of the industrial area has nevertheless been preserved and the area became a dynamic and vibrant hub for a multitude of people in Lisbon.

Today, more and more tourists are coming to LX Factory. You can eat well and have fine drinks, find many small shops and escape the big city hustle and bustle.

LX Factory

We were also drawn to the area, as we had heard of a great book shop there. After a delicious coffee in the sun, we went to look for the shop – and we found it.

LX Factory - Buchshop

I was in book-heaven - a pity that the books were in Portuguese. There is an old book printing machine in the upper level of the room. We got up the stairs and were greeted by an elderly gentleman. He passionately presented his art. He creates small machines and pieces of art from garbage. Meant to cheer up the lives of others. He had a story to tell about each piece he crafted, including the cyclist hovering under the ceiling.Afterwards, we browsed through the diverse shops. The LX Factory is definitely worth the visit.


Rua Rodruiges de Faria 103,
1300 Lissabon

Opening hours:

Dependent on business from 6am to 4am

LX Factory

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