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Christmas Market in Riga

Christmas Market in Riga (Latvia)

Those who come to Riga in December are usually not only hoping for snow but also want to visit the Christmas Market. It was our goal, too, to go and see the market which was in close proximity to our hotel.

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Discover Riga – 5 top destinations in the Latvian capital

A fascinating visit to Riga Central Market

Riga Central Market is a must see in Riga. This was one of the rare locations that are used by locals and tourists alike and where we got a better feeling for the Latvian way of life.

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food and drink in Riga

Our recommendations for delicious foods and drinks in Riga

It is a little disappointing to visit the Old Town of Riga and stumble on KFC, McDonald’s, Costa Coffee and all the other chains that one doesn’t really like to go to. Our tourist guide in Riga had a few recommendations for us about where to eat in Riga.

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Christmas market in Dresden – Striezelmarkt

Every year around the end of November the oldest Christmas market in Germany opens its gates; the Striezelmarkt in Dresden. We went on an excursion to this traditional Christmas market in Dresden.

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A first for me – rock climbing in the Elbe Sandstone Highlands

A first for me – rock climbing in the Elbe Sandstone Highlands

Indoor bouldering is a great alternative for Berliners. Still, there is something about the idea to do “the real thing” in the outside world. We made rock climbing in the Elbe Sandstone Highlands our first outdoor climbing experience.

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M&M Store in London

Paradise for chocolate lovers – the M&M Store in London

All those people who like M&Ms wouldn’t want to miss it – the M&M Store London! But also those who aren’t fans of the little chocolate balls shouldn’t give it a miss but rather come to the store and have a look at what’s going on.

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Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips – we tried typically English street food in Brighton!

Who travels to the UK is going to notice it: “THE” typical street food is Fish and Chips. Be assured that we had it on our list, too and on our day trip to Brighton we picked one of these greasy sins up at the pier.

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City of Vodka to City of Beers

From City of Vodka to City of Beers? What do you drink in Krakow?

What do you drink in Krakow? Talking to locals one is under the impression that Krakow is indeed a vodka city. But over time, Krakow developed a vibrant beer culture that cannot be ignored. So, is Krakow now a City of Beers?

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