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No Sightseeing

Olivias Show Club

Reeperbahn – Olivias Show Club

No matter how short the trip to Hamburg is, a stroll on the Reeperbahn, Hamburg most popular area for amusements of different kinds, is a must. We agreed in advance that we didn’t want to hop from club to club but stay put in Olivias Show Club.

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Sweet Prague

Sweet Prague – on the right track for sweet treats

I am a confessing sweet tooth and I discovered the sweet treats of Prague for me. From chocolate to pastries, everyone finds a reason to sin in Prague!

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Cheap food in Prague

Cheap food in Prague – our discoveries

Restaurants of all price categories populate the streets of Prague. But with some research, you can eat well at reasonable prices.

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Sweet Prag Trdelnik Streetfood in Prague

Streetfood in Prague

The Czech food is hearty, meaty and really delicious. But you should pay attention when out and about in Prague. Especially the restaurants in the Old Town area often lure tourists in with “cheap” menus, which can quickly become really expensive through hidden costs and extra charges.

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Minimarathon Lissabon

My first time – as a participant at the Lisbon Mini-Marathon

We spontaneously decided to join the Lisbon Mini-Marathon. Was it worth it? Read more …

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eating in Bratislava

City of Lemonades – Drinking and eating in Bratislava

We wanted to drink good fresh brewed beer in Bratislava. And we certainly would have if we had not found something much better. The homemade lemonade, which is available in almost all restaurants, is simply irresistible.

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Food in Lisbon

From Cherry liqueur to Pudding tartlets – culinary discoveries in Lisbon

Food in Lisbon – what is typically portuguese and where did it get to us so during our stay in Lisbon.

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Christmas Market Bratislava

Christmas Market Bratislava

Every year in December I catch it again – the Christ market fever. I have already visited many Christmas markets in Berlin and now I’m attracted by Christmas markets in other parts of the world. This year, it was the Christmas Market Bratislava!

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