underground of Belgrade

In Belgrade underground

I love to explore the underground of a city. Nothing is so diverse and so full of history like a tour into the underground.

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sailing down the Danube

Sailing a Viking ship down the Danube and Sava

Has it been your longtime dream to cross the seven seas and explore the world as a Viking? In Belgrade, you can gather some experience for that dream during a cruise down the Danube and Sava.

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cheap food and drink in Belgrade

Food and drinks in Belgrade at a reasonable price

Food and drinks are some of the things in Serbia that always need to be both good and plentiful so that one can get lost in it and that one should allow enough time for.

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Nikola Tesla Museum Belgrade

Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade

Tesla, that is a name that today is mostly associated with cars. But who was Nikola Tesla and why is the Belgrade Airport named after him? Answers to all of those questions can be found in the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade.

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