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Golden Horseman on the market square Neustädter Markt

The Neustädter Markt (Neustädter market) is in the inner New Town of Dresden. It is the intersection of Hauptstraße (Main Road), Augustusbrücke (Augustus Bridge), Köpckestraße and Meißner Straße.

Golden Horseman

Unfortunately, the buildings around that area were destroyed multiple times. Last during the bombing of Dresden in World War II the Neustädter Markt and the surrounding areas were completely destroyed.
Reconstruction works of the inner New Town transformed this area into a pedestrianized zone.

But what makes this square so special? 
It is home to a particularly impressive equestrian statue of King August the Strong. It is a statue created by Ludwig Wiedemann called “Goldener Reiter” (Golden Horseman).
He began working on this piece of art in 1732 and it was inaugurated in 1736. The installation is made of copper and is beat gold-plated. It depicts King August the Strong in Roman armour. 
Fortunately, the statue was dismantled and safely stored during World War II.
It was thanks to that operation that the installation survived the destruction of the war.
The Golden Horseman was erected again for the 750th anniversary of the city of Dresden in 1956.


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