Where is Bratislava?

Where is Bratislava?

We found ourselves asking the question “Where is Bratislava?” when we spontaneously decided to fly to Bratislava. So we gathered some information and are happy to share what we found out through research as well as what we have experienced on our trip.

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Highlights in Bratislava

Searched and found – little highlights in Bratislava

Bratislava really is a nice little town. The city reminded me of Prague. We felt very comfortable here and can recommend a short trip. Here we summarised our little highlights in Bratislava. The main highlights, such as the castle or the monument Slavín, I described in individual articles.

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memorial Slavín

Monumental war memorial Slavín

Monumental buildings are not unknown to us who live in Berlin. The remnants of socialist governments, which today seem unreal and oppressive and reminiscent of past times. One of these remnants in Bratislava is the Monumental war memorial Slavín.

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Sculptures in Bratislava

Who looks out of the drain?

In Bratislava you should also look at the ground when walking. Otherwise, it might happen that one trips over Čumil, one of the many sculptures in Bratislava.

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SNP Bridge Bratislava

A UFO over Bratislava

What does the name SNP Bridge Bratislava mean? It means “Most Slovenského národného povstania”, the bridge of the Slovakian national uprising.
 And why does a UFO fly over Bratislava? It is not actually flying, it rests on top of the bridge as a viewpoint.

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eating in Bratislava

City of Lemonades – Drinking and eating in Bratislava

We wanted to drink good fresh brewed beer in Bratislava. And we certainly would have if we had not found something much better. The homemade lemonade, which is available in almost all restaurants, is simply irresistible.

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Blue Church of Bratislava

The „Blue Church of Bratislava“ – an atmosphere like Hundertwasser and Gaudi in Bratislava

One of the most unusual churches I have seen in a long time is St. Elisabeth, the Blue Church of Bratislava.

The Blue Church of Bratislava was built in the early 1900s. Architect Ödön Lechner from Budapest designed the church in the style of the secession with oriental elements. Typical elements of the Hungarian art nouveau, such as curved shapes, dominate the building.

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Bratislava Devín Castle

Back to the past at Devín Castle

The castle of Devín is very close to the old town of Bratislava. This is one of the most important sights of the area and should not be missed during a visit to the Slovakian capital..

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