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stroll through London

A stroll through London

A stroll through London: Many of the fascinating London landmarks are within walking distance of one another. If the weather is nice it is definitely recommended to explore the city on foot.

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Greenwich – a district in London

The London district Greenwich used to be the centre of the British Navy. But the district got world famous because of the prime meridian that runs through the Greenwich Observatory and because of the Greenwich Mean Time.The Royal Naval College was built here in 1873 and is now used by the Greenwich University and the Music Academy.

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Taking a boat to Greenwic

Taking a boat to Greenwich

London visitors should not miss out on a boat tour to Greenwich. This London district is at the southern banks of the river Thames and a boat tour over to Greenwich is really pleasant.

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London Tube

London tube experience

The London tube is something special. Even for us as Berliners with our fairly big system of underground trains, the London tube is astonishing. Long underground tunnels, winding corridors and escalators that go on forever make a ride on the tube a memorable experience.

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Churchill's War Room

A visit to Churchill’s War Room

Just a few steps away from the Palace of Westminster, the British Parliament, is a very special museum, the “Churchill War Room”. These rooms were only opened to the public in 1980. Churchill’s War Room was the secret command centre for the British military from 1939 to 1945 during the Second World War.

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Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park London

Olympic Park London

In 2012 London hosted the Summer Olympics. During the preparation time for this event, a gigantic Olympic complex was build that can still be visited today. Everything to do with the Olympics is very fascinating for me so we absolutely had to go and see it.

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